Sunday, November 13, 2005

As the week kept rolling, we here at SFJ found it hard to keep up with the blogging...

At this time, all the actions are done. We would like SFJ members and others to send email to give us stories of their experiences from all three days for publication on this blog... please include the day(s) you are writing about in the subject line. For now, here's a report from Code Pink on actions they had inside the flint center on Thursday:


Four of us women went in to hear Colin Powell's speech tonight -- we were wearing these tee shirts (photo attached) underneath our jackets and we had concealed masks (of his face) and "bloody" gloves. So at a certain point in his speech, one by one we took off our jackets, put on the masks and stood up holding up our "bloody" hands.

We started chanting "Powell has bloody hands, he lied to get us into war.." and he actually stopped his speech and said "Oh, some people have their hands up, do you have a question?" and I yelled "why did you lie to the UN?" but by that time people in the audience were jeering (one lady actually slapped me several times on the butt as I was walking by her seat.) His response was something along the lines of "I didn't lie..." but we continued to chant as the security guards/cops escorted us out.

He had been introduced by the guy who runs the Celebrity Forum, who made some extremely offensive remarks in his introduction. He welcomed the audience and told them not to worry about protesters, assuring them that the Flint Center has security guards and the protesters have a right to be there. He said that a protester had called out from the balcony on Weds. night and members of the audience had started chanting "jump, jump..". Most people in the audience on Thursday thought that was very funny. Then he repeated advice that he claimed the author Tom Wolfe had given at an earlier Celebrity Forum -- "If you're ever feeling depressed, go to K-mart. You'll be the best looking person there! and you'll be the richest person there!"

Powell's speech (as much as we heard of it) was also clearly fine-tuned to appeal to the mostly white, prosperous, middle-aged to elderly crowd. He described the perks of being Sec'y of State, made some jokes about retirement, mentioned that he had been named by Newseek as one of the top 10 people in the U.S. who were aging gracefully, told us that he felt he deserved a "toy" so he bought a Corvette, blah-blah. He assured us that people around the world still love the U.S., that students from abroad still want to come here, etc.

Very polished performance by a war criminal! I hope we were able to puncture a tiny hole in the "imperial hubris".