Sunday, November 13, 2005

A CBS story about Cindy Sheehan's appearance at De Anza:

This report describes Cindy Sheehan as "leading" the anti-Powell demonstrations, which is flatly untrue. While organizers were certainly greatful to Cindy for supporting us, the actions were planned, led, and carried out by students, faculty and community members from the South Bay and Peninsula. Cindy Sheehan did not even attend the demonstrations in the evening (She has precious little time to spend with her family, since joining the anti-war movement). Without in any way disparaging her efforts, it is irresponsible of the media to portray her as the leader of these actions (which were the result of many different groups, organizing for weeks ahead of the dates), while omitting or denying the presence of local student and community organizers. The need to put a celebrity face on a story misrepresents the character and strength of demonstrations, and of the anti-war movement. We do not always agree about all aspects of the cause, nor about what the appropriate strategy is, but one thing I think can be agreed upon: The movement to end the Iraq War is one which has no one true "leader" and it's leadership is most succesful when it is local, decentralized and democratic.