Monday, November 07, 2005


powelldeanza [at] yahoo [dot] com

If you need a response to an email, please use one of the following subjects:

Media - If you are media, independent or otherwise.

Support - If you are a particpant (i.e.: want to sign up for a timeslot on the mic at the Speak Out) in one of the events and have logistical or legal support related questions. No logistical support questions for civil disobedience will be read or answered so don't bother. See the related post (Schedule of Events).

Post Requested - If you have pertinent information you would like posted on this blog. Include a phone number where you can be reached quickly if there are any qeuestions

SpeakOut, Tribunal, or Encuentro - If you want your message forwarded to the people in charge of a specific event.

Response Requested - Any other questions.

Any other emails 'may' be deleted if the volume gets out of hand. We have no idea how much traffic we'll get over the next week.