Thursday, November 10, 2005

The next presenter is a journalist who focuses on Middle East Affairs:

He talked about the U.S. strategy (often attributed to Nixon and Kissenger) of using proxy governments to carry out the most vicious aspects of US policy. Prior to the Iranian revolution, Iran and Israel were the primary proxies for U.S. policy. After the revolution, the U.S. needed a new proxy to replace Iran, with worries of isolateing Israel in the region. The resulting strategy was support for a coup in Pakistan, which to date has been one the most strident supporters of the U.S. War on Terror.

I missed the rest of his presentation to talk with Cynthia, who warned me about a pair of anti-semetic demonstrators who were talking to the crowd about Israel having control over U.S. policy. One of them happened to be standing next to us and I talked to him briefly. The problem with this kind of viewpoint is twofold: It is deeply anti-semetic (he couldn't stop himself from saying "jewish" when he was referring to something "Israeli"). Additionally, it is a frame of mind which thinks it has figured EVERYTHING out (a criticism I believe also applies to many pro-Israeli advocates), and is immune to logic, analysis, and any evidence which may contradict the established dogma (As a firm believer in you must be willing to listen . Even in rejecting this view at it's core, I asked for sources where I can look up more information. As expected, he had no interest in listening to my ideas, even my critiques (more nuanced) of Israeli policies. This type of dogmatic and hateful "activism" has no place in global justice movements, and the best defense against it is and always has been a strong commitment to critical thinking and analysis of all social forces. This outwardly white-supremacist ("Semitic" being an adjective shared by sephardic jews and arabs alike) breed of "resistance" doesn't not work for equality but for a realignment of elite power, away from a perceived jewish control and towards the rightful (I can only imagine Aryan) holders of power.