Thursday, November 10, 2005

Next up, Dr. Ayad al-Qazzaz, president of the Arab American Chamber of Commerce.

Some important points from Dr. al-Qazzaz:

The threshold of resistance (either insurgency in Iraq, or anti-war demonstration) required to end a war has grown since the war in South Vietnam because of the growth of what he describes as the Industrial-Military-MEDIA Complex, which refers to FDR's age old warning about the influence of the Military Industrial Complex.

Polls throughout the Arab world show that the invasion and occupation of Iraq has caused a sharp increase in anti-American sentiment in the region. Hardly the vision of being welcomed as liberators, which President Bush spoke of before he started the war.

After Dr. al-Qazzaz: Ramon Leal - a De Anza Student and veteran of the Iraq war.

Ramon spoke of how the military comes to his low income community to recruit, in an environment where young people have few options. He talked about the lack of neccesary equipment for soldiers in the current war, and how when equipment was available, they were not properly trained. In 130 degree weather, each soldier recieved two bottles of water per day.