Thursday, November 10, 2005

Next up: Retired Air Force Captain Joyce Riley

Key points -

Oil field fires were at least partially caused by U.S. napalm bombing, and U.S. special forces, from statements made by soldiers and marines with first hand knowledge.

The use of "depleted-uranium" rounds (which is a PR term, exposure is the equivalent of having a chest x-ray every hour for the res of your life) has already accounted for at least 104,000 veterans requesting treatment for illness contracted in the current Iraq war.

Military leaders including Colin Powell, have knowledge of all these facts, and conitue to deny them and pursue policies they know will lead to more illness of American troops, to stay nothing of the millions of Iraqis who will be exposed to these radioactive elements over the next 4.5 million years (DU rounds take that long to lose their radioactive strength)

Young people entering the military are regularly exposed to experimental vaccines, due to lucrative contracts between the Pharmaceutical industry and the military. Many of these vaccines have known detrimental effects.