Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Voices of Camp Casey, Part 2:

Next Up: Karen Meredith, whose son, Lt. Ken Ballard, was killed after 384 days in Iraq.

As of today, 2058 soldiers and marines killed in Iraq, 247 in Afghanistan. Ken Ballard was a fourth generation soldier, and to his mother, Ken's death means no grandchildren, no wedding, and a complete and irreversible shift in the course of here life. That shift led her to the conclusion that she must speak out against this war and the administration's deception.

She noted that she was refused a picture of her son's casket being returned, a final indignity on top of all the others. I know that certain photos of caskets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan (no idea how complete a set) have been obtained through FOIA requests. Will post the link later if I can find it.